California Dreaming N'Co.

Optigen Clear by Default
PLL tested clear
CERF Normal 10/06 - CERF 09/08 -- Passed
cornea scratch right eye due to an accident

I have always wanted a nice true hairless female.
I have been very fortunate in that Pam Litz of N'Co has allowed
this beautiful young lady to join my family.
Trixie is 4th generation true hairless on her mother's side.
I am very excited to see what she will produce in the whelping box.
Being a Cryptonite Daughter was an added bonus as I have always
admired this beautiful dog and spent time up close and personal with him
at the 2002 Nationals in the Specials ring.
1 1/2 years old. What you see is what you get!
Trixie is the most fun loving dog I have. She has more fun
removing the squeakers from all of the toys,
and if there is a game to be played, I know she is in the middle of it.
6 months old - with and without hair! Some photoshop fun.
Not long after she arrived.
Look at that belly!
Trixie as a little baby at Pams.
Not a hair on her body!
She came in the winter
so no "Rock photo,
So I decided to make one for her!