Ch. Shida Tommy Girl

Shida's 20th Champion!

Optigen Clear by Default
PLL Clear by Default

Sired by my Frog and out of my lovely Sarah,
Rudy is turning out to be more than I ever hoped for.
She has very minimal body hair and the sunniest personality.
She is already proving herself and catching the judges and exhibitors eyes.

Best Puppy in Sweepstakes!
CCCGLA Specialty, July 2010

She also was Back to Back Winners
for both her majors, Sat & Sun.

Some stills of Rudy at the 2010 Nationals in Oklahoma.
Taken from the streaming webcam.
Just 7 months old, she placed in most of her classes
and was 2nd in the Huge 6-9 month puppy class
at the Match and the Nationals Sweepstakes.

Rudy's first points, Best Opp over 2 Specials her first weekend out
under Chinese Crested expert Mr. Dennis McCoy.

Ophelia, Rudy & Shalimar - littersisters
at a match at almost 6 months old

Rudy's first match. She won the breed and was second in a large toy group.

Baby Rudy -- Her name was Rudy the RED or Pebbles