Shida The Frog Prince

Patellas OFA normal
CERF normal 010/11
Cardio OFA normal

OptiGen tested Clear
PLL tested clear


2010 IS the year of the Frog! Going Breed from the Classes OVER Specials with Eric! How Fun!!!
Pictured with his littermate Shida The Black Orchid (Lulu) who was WB. Lulu is owned by Virginia White.

Frog in 2009 - getting his first points and on a roll!!!

will 2010 be the year of the Frog?

All grown up, 2 years old

new photos of Frog, January 2008

Almost 1 year old.
Thinking about being a show dog
A couple of photos of the Frog man at the 2006 ACCC Nationals.
I got to wear my Frog Prince sweater that day!
photos by Leslie Searcy

5 months old

8 weeks old
4 1/2 months old