What's Available at Shida

Bella has been bred to Horton

Babies due late August.
Email me to be placed on my waiting list.

Joe has been bred to Venus!

Babies due mid October.
Email me to be placed on my waiting list.

Email me for Retirees possibly available

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Please note: I have a VERY long waiting list for female hairless puppies as companion pets.
Please consider keeping your options open. There is so much more to the breed than just the hairless female.
Shaving is required on most of my chinese crested hairless puppies for them to have the pattern of the dogs on my show pages. Consider the idea of a powderpuff in a clip. It looks very much like the hairless and feels like a shetland pony =)
(see "Puffy's Page for an example)
Also, males tend to be more attached to their owners. All Crested puppies can be a bit of a housebreaking problem and as long as the male is neutered early, he should be no more problem than the females.
All Chinese Crested puppies are fun, playful and entertaining. You will find a better longtime companion if you look for more than just hair pattern and sex.

If you are interested in any dog on this page, or would like to be placed on my waiting list, please fill out the Puppy Buyer's Application

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